Assessment and Intervention

Assessment begins with our phone intake call. We will ask you a number of questions prior to the home visit to help us determine how best to meet your needs when we meet. During our in-home assessment, we will perform some or all of the following:

Home safety assessment – an evaluation of your home which identifies environmental safety hazards. Recommendations for improving your safety particular to your home environment are based on this assessment.

Falls Risk Assessment – performed if you have been identified as being at ‘risk for falls’ by your family doctor, yourself, or following a brief falls risk screening tool done during our initial phone intake call. This assessment allows us to make recommendations based on your specific needs and environment in order to reduce your risk of having a fall at home.

Functional Assessment – an assessment of your ability to complete your daily tasks within your environment (i.e. at home). By observing you complete activities of daily living in your environment we gather information and make recommendations to enable you to live as independently and safely as possible.


Intervention – is determined following the in-home assessment. We make recommendations based on your specific needs and environment. We will discuss our recommendations with you and leave you with a written copy. You will also receive a more detailed report of our assessment and recommendations in the mail.

Follow-up – included in our assessment package, we provide a follow-up visit to check on equipment installation, recommendation follow-through and determine whether or not you have any other questions or concerns.