Home Safety and Falls Prevention

  • Planning to remain in your home as you grow older?
  • Finding it more difficult to accomplish a task or activities at home due to the aging process, injury, illness, or disability?
  • Worried about having a fall? 
  • Do you, your family or friends have concerns about you living at home alone?
  • Waiting to have surgery and wondering how you will manage once you return home, or wondering how you will manage safely and independently from now until your surgery date?
  • Do you have an older relative in the city you have concerns about?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, we can help.

Let us help you maintain your independence and live safely at home

We provide an in-home evaluation of your skills, abilities and safety, and make recommendations to meet your needs and reassure you and your family members. We work with you to enable you to live your life how and where you want, as you age.

It’s your life; choose how you want to live it.